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Through Understanding Your Body’s 
Hormone & Fertility Cycles

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Want to know what others have experienced?

I found it so empowering and also relieving!

“I really enjoyed this Natural Birth Control journey with Jaime. I found it so empowering and also relieving to know that there is a natural way I can have safe love making! I am grateful for the knowledge you’ve given me to connect with my body to a whole new level. Thank you Jaime”

Zoie, Australia

I now feel liberated, safe, free from fear!

"I now feel liberated, safe, free from fear and in deep connection with my female body. My love making is better because I am now free in my mind. I highly recommend learning this FAM method, I think it’s a mandatory practice for every woman to know. It’s like breathing!” 

Aurélie, Israel 

Hi, I’m Jaime!

I'm a Qualified Fertility Awareness Educator & Holistic Menstrual Coach

I teach women the Natural Birth Control Method (FAM) so they can let go of the fear of unwanted pregnancy and have better love making!

My teachings are grounded in science but bridge the emotional and psycho-spiritual world of living in a female body. This is what makes my work so relatable and practical for many women. 

When women learn the language of their female body, it empowers them to reconnect to the wisdom within, to feel confident in their body and access greater pleasure and intimacy in their relationships. 

The Education I share is absolutely ESSENTIAL for every menstruating person. I believe it should be taught in our educational system. 

Thank you for expressing interest in our training. You are registering for a 100% free highly valuable video training that was previously recorded live. 

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